* YOUR FEE IS $325.

Residential Property Owners

* Quick, Easy, Online Form Submission

* You Pay $325. Home Value up to 500K
* $375. Home Value up to $750K
* $475. Home Value up to 1 Million
* $675. Home Value over 1 Million

Commercial Property Owners

* Quick, Easy, Online Form Submission

* $475. Plus 20% of your 1st year tax savings


Expert Research:

Property Tax Reports USA, LLC

Verifying your homes data with county records.

Anaylzing sales of similar properties

Decades of property valuation, assessment and appeals experience

Our Guarantee

We provide you with a no-obligation, free consultation

After reviewing your tax records and property details we will determine if it is reasonable to expect a reduction in the assessed value of your property

Make an informed decision before contesting your pending tax increase

If you choose to go forward, we will design and implement a plan for property tax reduction, that requires minimal involvement for the property owner

We Support our Community:

We work hard to stay up-to-date on state and local property tax news and events

Giving back gives meaning to us all, so we provide free tax appeal services for some senior citizens and less fortunate each year.

We welcome the opportunity to represent you and your neighbors

About Property Tax Reports USA

We are a company that believes in putting your needs and benefits in front of our own, and we make sure that you pay the absolute lowest costs. We aspire to provide all our clients with personified attention, and high-quality services. No matter what your needs or wishes are, we are here to listen to you and help you out. You are our number one priority. Join our family now! We understand that your property tax and finance-related matters can be highly confusing, and even the tiniest bit of carelessness or mistake can lead to a big loss. But worry not, Property Tax USA is here to help you out. Our highly experienced and skilled team understands every nook of your tax and financial needs and is committed to helping you out, while at the same time we make sure that that you have to pay the lowest. Become a part of our family now!


Your property taxes will be appealed with No Upfront fees. Comparable homes will be found, along with documents to back them up. When available, photos and property facts will be provided at the Board of Equalization hearing with hopes of reducing the value and tax due, though this is not guaranteed.


Our firm has 15 years of property tax reduction experience. 15 years of tax assessment experience and 25 years of real estate valuation services.

Are you worried that you are spending half of your income on your property tax? We can help! Let us effectively manage the property value for your home or business. This can be a highly risky and time-consuming affair, that not everyone can manage to handle. 

That is why you need to trust your hard-earned money with only the most deserving firm. With only positive reviews, our highly professional team at Property Tax Reports USA specializes in drafting your property tax appeals with utmost attention and care. We make sure that your property value is in line with the market and your neighbors. Give us a call now!



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